MWM Bangladesh

Bangladesh was once part of Indian province of Bengal. By the late 1947 it had become the Eastern Pakistan. Bangladesh is governed by democratically elected Parliament. The population is Muslim, Hindu and Christian. Main crops are Rice, wheat and Jute. Fishing is also a big industry. A lot of fish is exported to other countries. Dhaka is the capital city. MWM has recently started our activities and it is well programming in poor state of village.

PROSHIKA envisions a society, which is economically productive and equitable, socially just, environmentally sound, and genuinely democratic.  

PROSHIKA’s mission is to conduct an extensive, intensive, and participatory process of sustainable development through the empowerment of the poor.
PROSHIKA’s objectives are: (i) structural poverty alleviation; (ii) environmental protection and regeneration; (iii) improvement in women’s status; (iv) increasing people’s participation in public institutions; and (v) enhancing people’s capacity to gain and exercise democratic and human rights.